A recent Nielsen report showed people spend 7 hours a month on Facebook, but only 2 hours a month on Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Bing. That’s a huge opportunity. Why? On Facebook, you can target customers with surgical precision. You can target Facebook members by location, age, sex, education, language and even by their workplace. You could target married men over 40 with a college degree who work for a particular company. Throw in a couple of keywords that members list in their profiles to get even more specific. Not only gender, birth date and location, but also favorite TV shows, college major and even religious and political views!

Facebook advertising is perhaps one of the most effective and inexpensive ways available to target specific people based on profile data that they have entered voluntarily. But Facebook isn’t just about ads. And that’s just as well, because Facebook ads are the same, interruptive, “in-your-face” form of traditional advertising in a new medium. Many Facebook members may just ignore them. Our team can help you select, engage, and optimize your Facebook marketing efforts to produce maximum effect.