Rebuild, Redesign, Refresh

Browse around the Internet awhile, and you’ll quickly find that there are three types of websites.  First, there are sites that are about as sterile as an operating room at the CDC.  They may be simple and easy to get around, but they’re plain, uninviting, and most of all, unimpressive.  Nothing that screams, “We’re the business for you!”  Then there are sites that are so artsy that they seem to belong more in the Louvre, than providing information about a business.  These sites are flashy, technological eye-candy, that are more focused on showing off the latest technology, than on serving customers.  They’re often difficult to use, slow to load, and you feel like you need to break out your GPS navigation unit to find anything in their maze of pages, tied together by menus that only Picasso could love.

Finally, there are pages that fall comfortably in the middle.  These are the kind of websites that Network Consultants, LLC. specialize in creating.  Websites that are clean, but inviting.  Flashy, but intuitive.  Functional, but impressive.  Websites that help your current and future customers find the information they need quickly and easily, while giving them that “Wow!” factor that will push them over the top, when they’re trying to decide which company they want handling their needs.

Network Consultants, LLC. will work with you every step of the way, to design a website that works best for your company and your industry.  We’ll review your competitors’ sites, use our experience with the latest trends and technology, and obtain your input, to create or redesign a website specificaly tailored to suit the needs and desires of your company and your customers, while giving your company a presence on the web that distinguishes it from all the rest.